And there was Jacob

Previously in Warsaw, at a baked potato bar named Groole, I thought I saw a vampire. I told my neighbour’s kid about it. A Twilight fan that she is, she said I might have been looking at Alice since my verbal composite picture of the waitress-vampire didn’t conjure the image of Bella.

Yesterday, my young accomplice and I went out for a spot of vampire-stalking.

Alice wasn’t there. The bar was manned by a all-male crew. We set aside our disappointment and ordered a plain cheese and butter for me and bryndza for the kid. Then someone called out the orders for picking up at the counter. And handing the baked spuds to me was Jacob. Ok, just his look-a-like. The eyes and brows were uncannily similar to Edward’s arch-rival in matters of the heart. My sidekick thought it’s good enough a copy of Jacob except for the skin tone. Well, that’s what you get for living in a sunshine-denied patch like Poland.

We wondered if we would meet Edward next time at Groole.


About kitfchung

Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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