What Polish Cows Cannot Do

What can a Dutch cow do? And can an Argentinean cow copy the same act? Do cows have the same inherent characteristic regardless of passports? Anyway, I learnt recently what Polish cows cannot do – they can’t change their opinions (Tylko krowa nie zmienia poglądów).

I gleaned that nugget from a Polish blog called fastfoodeater, where the author documents and rates products found in lower-end supermarkets, such as Biedronka, Lidl, Kaufland, et al. If you’re what you eat, then you’re also where you shop, at least, your public image is. Some folks shun these bottom-rung food sources but I’m a fan of Biedronka (scroll down to see the chain’s signage) for they have the best mangoes in town (when in season).

The fastfoodeater shut down his jottings last year with a “I’ve had enough”. This August, he revived it, enlisting the cow in his opening paragraph. Welcome back, fastfoodeater! I wish every community has a food sleuth like you.


About kitfchung

Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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