Not the Usual Scoops

In July, magazines synchronize their content to give ice cream some coverage. My interview with David Lebovitz is in this month’s Kuchnia (in Polish only). For the Warsaw Insider, the ed-in-chief got me have a few licks of the weird and wonderful scoops of a new vendor.

Not the Usual Licks (July 2012, Warsaw Insider)

Salmon ice cream, did you say? Yes, and there’s also potato, basil with lemon, beetroot and tomato flavours. Don’t say “yuk” just yet. Luca Pistidda, the Italian manager of Limoni, claimed these oddballs are selling like hot cakes. “Our customers call up to enquire if we have them in stock,” he added.

Be that as it may, it still begged the question of what in the world made you think of adding oscypek (sheep’s milk cheese from the Tatry Mountains) into perfectly good cream? Luca amicably laughed off the question but admitted that he’s nicely surprised by how receptive Poles are the whacky. Back in his conservative homeland, quirky gelato were made only for special events. And when they tried pushing eccentric flavours in Germany and the UK, the audience didn’t bite…or lick.

“Our ice creams are artisanal, homemade without chemicals. We use fresh vegetables and fruits. And we source from the best in Europe if we can’t get them in Poland,” Luca reeled off smoothly.

Encouraged by the agreeable dill, I scarfed down the piwne (beer). The carrot scoop was winning and tasted so healthy that it knocked all the guilt out of indulgence.

Others are also dabbling in far out ice creams. At Restaurant Tamka43, beetroot and carrot are in the been-there-done-with-that domain. Green pea and pine shoots are the current preference of head chef Robert Trzópek. At Atelier Amaro, Poland’s version of El Bulli, the novelty accents include juniper berry. For the nougat and blue cheese combo, make your way to Joseph’s Wine & Food.


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