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In most of the vacation strategies I’ve encountered, e.g. 48 hours in City A, Top 10 things to do in City B, the must-do’s before kicking the bucket, I seldom see a library making it to the list. Except for Warsaw, where the rooftop garden of the university library gets a mention.

In Amsterdam, endowed it may be with fine gardens and canal-side cafes, my fave exit from city-stimulants is the Openbare Bibliotheek, standing somewhere between the Central Station and the Nemo Science Center. No worries, being seen there will not dent your cool index for it’s the hippest library ever. Most reading material is in Dutch but the magazine section has no-language needed photo-rich pages and also some titles in English. The basement kids’ section is an amusement ground for young and old. There’s also several eateries for residents.  We favor the top floor cafe for its terrace with a view of the city.

After a day of of V’s (van Gogh Museum, van Dobbens eetcafe, Vleminckx fries & mayo), we escaped to the book depository. My niece and I found a collection of Spike Milligan mind-tickling poems and rested our feet to the sounds of Ning Nang Nong and ideas like animal concatenations.


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Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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