Bonus Festive Vibes

Were you out in town yesterday and wondering why the lunch places were so packed and the ice cream queues were longer than usual? It’s not the Euro2012 effect. It was the last day of school. For public schools, that is. Some private schools closed shop a week earlier. Kids and guardians were out celebrating.

Last day of school generates a festive mood on the streets. School kids here do not have uniforms but on special days, they don a white top and a black bottom.

It’s also a day when flower sales enjoy a boost. To thank/apologise to/appease their long-suffering teachers, the young ones inundate their educators with generous bouquets. Not being a fan of cut-flowers, I packed my son off to school with a bottle of white (bought in the Tokaj region on our way back from Budapest) for his class teacher. Not sure if that was legal.


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Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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