Permission to Ice Cream

Tomorrow is the Big Day: the opening match of the EURO 2012 football championship. The city is as ready as it can be. Ads are all over the place, new road signs are up for visitors and more bus-only lanes are plastered onto major roads.

Today, however, is the unofficial ice cream day. It isn’t called that, officially or unofficially. It’s Boże Ciało (Corpus Christi), a big day on the Polish catholic calendar. Naturally, it’s a day off. Shops will be closed and everyone knows to stock up on supplies. Restaurants are open, so the out-of-town football fans need not worry.

No fear, too, about access to ice creams. Grocery shops, banks, most retail outlets and even clinics have down-time but ice cream stations everywhere will be open and doing brisk biz. And that’s how I remember Boże Ciało of years bygone: gloriously hot and sun, and long lines to the scoops. (See Get Creamed for Warsaw’s hot ice cream spots.) This year is the coldest and greyest ever, but that won’t put a damper on the ice cream sales.

While we on the gelato topic, allow me to brag a bit. My interview with David Lebovitz on this lickable sweet will be published in the July’s issue of Kuchnia. Sometimes mags delay the publication date, but the teaser (see pix) in the current issue means it’s official.

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Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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