Ready for the Balls

Windy and wet out there. Hopefully that will clear up before the opening match of the 2012 European Football Championship this Friday (June 8). Warsaw gets the honour of hosting the opening match while co-host Ukraine will stage the final tussle on July 1 in Kiev.

I am no football fan but I am looking forward to the 热闹 (re-nao) the event will bring. Meanwhile, the press is jittery about the Russian team and supporters coming to town. Historically, these two nations had lots of run in’s, and the “water under the bridge” sentiment is not forthcoming.

Anyway, the hospitality industry is counting on Euro2012 to be a cash cow with hopes of selling out the rooms and pushing lotsa beer and kebab. Fans with more refined tastes won’t be short of wateringholes either. La Rotisserie has set up pre/post-match tasting menus.

Meanwhile, the city has prettied itself up to welcome the players and fans.

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Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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