Polish Lessons (10) – Time Management

“It’s busy like mad now, but the more I do, the more time I have” is a sentiment I’ve heard many a times from my Polish contacts.

How would doing more leave you with extra time? You’re right to question the logic. I do find that when my schedule (work and social) is light, I slip into the laid-back mode. When deadlines are looming, somehow I manage to fit in all the chores plus extras and still nail the compulsories.

Here how it works: if you’re juggling multiple mission-critical projects, clocking the kind of overtime that warrants the Court of Human Rights to step in and intervene, having elderly parents to attend to, jumping hoops for infantile kids, staying “I am listening” best pal to the world and sundry and not have had an 8-hour non-stop stretch of snooze since forever, the solution to allocating your time better is naturally to slot in a post-grad course on how to talk to the Martians.


About kitfchung

Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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