May’s Open Party

Last Saturday’s Night of the Museums was well treated by the skies. Not a drop of rain and warm enough for cold-hypersensitive me.

Like previous years, any place with anything worthwhile to show yanked their doors wide open and clamoured for your attention. If you’re the type that needs to get the most out of a night like this, then you gotta pull out your best scheduling chops to fit in all the concerts or new museum launches.

My strategy is not to see the “full-time” museums but establishments that open their doors for one night only. One year, we went to the water filtration plant on Flitrowa street. Another year, we patted gold bars at the Central Bank. This year, the Prime Minister’s Office also had a long queue at its entrance and visitors came out with goodie bags. We didn’t have the attention span to wait. Our low-ambition plan was just to drift to Łazienki Park for the Deep Forest concert (the selection that night reminded of Jean-Michel Jarre when he’s not letting his hair down) and then dig into a bowl of pho.

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Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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