Polish Lessons (9) – V Returns

The Polish alphabet has a few extra squiggles not found in the English version. However, it’s without the letter Q and V. The V sound does exist in speech and it’s represented by the letter W. So, strictly speaking, if you translate the international Victory sign to Polish, it should be three-fingered. That can sure cause some confusion in victory parades.

What do you do when you bring Bvlgari into Poland? Should it become Bwlgari? Those who translated V for Vendetta had no qualms keeping it as V Jak Vendetta. And the V sci-fi TV series is spared of being a double V.

Of late, V has become more prominent. A newly opened posh goods mall is named vitkAc. Did the owners think it would reek of dumpiness if it were spelt witkAc? Not at all, I should think, since it reminds of Witkacy, one of Poland’s hippest bad boys in art.

Anyway, the taxi and the milk people are doing it, too.

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Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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