Polish Lessons (8) – Pedestrians Without An Eye

Spot the difference:

UWAGA is ACHTUNG (without the Baby). The signs above were side by side at a busy crossing with tram stops to warn drivers (tram and cars, I suppose) to be mindful of pedestrians, the “Piesi”. As you’ve noticed, one sign has lost an “i”, ending up as “Pies”. Pies means a dog.

Have you heard the joke of “What’s a deer with an eye”? The answer is, “no idea” [eye-deer]. Geddit? The continuation of the joke is, “What’s a deer with no eye and not moving?” Answer: Still no idea.

It won’t work to jest about “What’s pedestrians without an eye?” or “What’s a dog with an eye?” That’s because in Polish “i” is read as “e”. And a Polish “e” is read as “i”. That’s constant confusion when you get locals to spell in English. You need to check if that’s “i” as in “elephant” or “e” as in “India”.


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Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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