Touching the Pixels

Going so far to the edge, geographically, scientifically or artistically, that you touch the void has always been celebrated. And rightly so. The recent TEDxWarsaw 2012 devoted a “Touch the Void” segment to speakers who dabbled in the far out. It got me thinking about the opposite: standing so still that you see the minutia and able to touch each pixel in the picture.

Celeste, whom I met during my WWOOF outing in Portugal, will always remind me of someone who touches the pixels. She has lived over seven decades of her life with a 50km radius. Not that she is isolated in some rainforest with no access to roads or rivers. Lisbon is but an hour away. She is in good health, agile and thinks nothing of lifting heavy pails of tomatoes. Yet, by choice, she has chosen to stay put. Her mind must be quite pure, in the sense that she isn’t diluted by other lifestyles. Chris (from Vinhnos Cortem) said that she lives quite modestly, so I don’t suppose behind closed doors, she’s youtubing Yoshida Brothers.

I wish I could access her mind but that’s off limits since we share no common language.

While we celebrate the thrills we mine by stepping into the unknown, let’s appreciate, too, the pleasures of staying put, of seeing new in the familiar, and vuja dé. Sorry, don’t mean to be evangelical. It’s just a roundabout way of telling you about Celeste.

Celeste during the 2011 grape harvest at Vinhos Cortem, Portugal.


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