Tulips and Plastic

There’s a nice vibe out there today on International Women’s Day. Introduced to Poland during the commie years, the celebration has lost its political shades to become simply a day for men, usually, to show that they care about the women in their lives. Not just men because boys and girls also buy flowers for their mothers and teachers. At school, the kids learn the social graces of giving and receiving flowers. The boys in my son’s class forked out 3 zł each to get every girl in the room a single bloom.

While some themes have gone wonky, like the Polish Independence Day (November 11) becoming a stage for aggressive nationalistic sentimentalists to parade their ugly nature, the International Women’s Day is all about the loving feeling and celebrating here and now.

So, despite my intolerance for subzero climes, I piled on the layers just to check out the flower scenes. The queues are nowhere as long as the donut queues on Fat Thursday. That’s no surprise since chewing donuts is an equal opportunity pastime for a wider demography.

The bloom dominating the market is tulips swaddled in see-through plastic wraps.

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