Beet It (4)

“Haven’t seen you in a while,” said the egg seller at Hala Banacha, an open-air market that operates year round.

It’s no longer -16C but spring isn’t quite budding yet. The temperature is still hovering around 0C. I still keep my outdoors forays few and brief.

“Minus 2C today? Oh, that’s nothing,” he shrugged.

Seems too lightly padded for the whole day in the cold.

I will never develop the natural thermal insulation the vendors here seem to have. Some spend the entire trading day exposed to the elements. Others have minimal insulation inside the filmsy huts. My fingers were already feeling numb after traversing from the eggs to sausages, apples, then carrots and beetroots.

I didn’t need to get the fresh beets for I have a few jars of pickled ones supplied by a friend. Those without active-picklers as contacts can get the preserved goods in stores where pickled beetroots a common and perenial item. Handy as a relish for sandwiches or a quick side for lunch/dinner.

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Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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