Cold War – the Potato Offensive

So cold is the outdoors that I am turning to calorie bombs to boost up the internal combustion engine. Potato pancakes are common fares but I’ve never made them because I once saw a farmer’s wife frying them in knee-deep (scale it to the dimension of a pan) oil. Since my son insists on walking to school even though I repeatedly offer to give him a ride, my only recourse is to pad him up with belly-thickening grub.

Potato pancake is somewhere between pancakes and rösti. Be more heavy handed with the flour and you get a pancakey texture. Drain the liquid from the grated potato and you get a crispier result like the Swiss take.

Here’s a discussion on offering recipes and variations. I’ll keep in mind the one suggesting zucchini embellishment.


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Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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