I am Toast

Toast as in done in.

Kuchnia, a local food mag, a pretty good one, too, which I have the good fortune to contribute to, has a fetish for British talents. For the longest time, it ran a monthly column featuring Jamie Oliver. Like the rest of the world, Poles also poke fun at sorry state of British food. It’s ironic isn’t it that Brits are teaching Pole how to cook? Nigella is big here (no pun intended). A local radio talk show host called her a “hot mama”. Gordon Ramsay also gets loads of TV time slots. Go to any bookstores and there’s plenty of translated cookbooks originating from the British Isle.

And that’s all fine. I like most of the British celeb chefs. Except one that kinda spooked me with his book, Toast. And it’s explained in my Beet It (2) post. The movie based on Nigel Slater’s book is going down well here. He was in town. I guess that’s when Kuchnia cornered him for an interview.


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Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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