Growing Roots (2)

This morning, I went to the Hala Banacha market to hunt for some pumpkin shots in order to post them on the facebook profile that I co-manage. The last Thursday of November is business as usual in Poland. So, pumpkin and turkey images are not part of the cityscape. There were only a few lone pumpkins.

Good thing is after years of shopping at Hala Banacha, the traders now know me and do not fuss when I aim my lenses at their goods. Poles are shy at the beginning, hesitant to talk to strangers. But once they get to know you, or at least used to seeing you around, they open up. Traders now banter with me about how I like it here, how my son is doing in school, can I tolerate the cold, etc. These are just casual exchanges but they make me feel…like the InterContinental slogan … “you don’t just stay here, you belong”.

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