Russian Lessons

I’ve neglected my blog because I have been busy with homework. My son’s homework. Don’t ask me why this generation of kids need their parents to do Math, History, Biology, etc, with them.

The education system here used to be made up of 8 years of primary school, 4 years high school and off they go to university. A few years back during a reform, the 12  years were chopped up to 6 years in primary school, 3 in lower secondary (called gimnazium) and 3 in high school (liceum). Whether this is a better system or not is only a mooted question for there are no alternatives.

My 13 year-old boy is in the first year of secondary school now. So, it’s no longer a breeze for me to understand the math problems in Polish. I must say they are learning some pretty advanced stuffs for Chemistry. I don’t recalled doing chemical equations in Form One in Malaysia. Perhaps I was snoozing. With the amount of reading I am doing in order to check my son’s workbooks, I am quite sure by the time he finishes secondary school, I’ll be better educated than him.

It’s doubtful how this re-education can serve me in my social life. I don’t see how I can slip a chemical equation into a conversation without looking like a nerd. But the Russian is coming in pretty handy.

When my son was learning German and got stuck with homework, I speed-learnt German using Internet resources (Basic German for Beginners) and I was able to help with conjugations and declensions within a week. I thought I could pull the same turn around time for Russian. I was wrong. The cyrillic script takes time to learn. I am quite sure the inventor was a dyslexic cryptologist.

Dobra Woda - nie gazowana (Good Water - still)


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4 Responses to Russian Lessons

  1. Tarig Anter says:

    This is warm and delightful

  2. Martin says:

    I’m back to C programming. Ania’s university course require C. I haven’t missed it since my
    university days, but keeps the mind flexible and I want her to be good at it.


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