Warsaw User Guide – Markets

It’s mid-Sept! Where did all the time go? Busy resettling in. Or settling in for the newcomers. Sept is when the new batch of expats move in with the families, just in time for the new school year. Every year, the Warsaw Insider runs some sort of Intro to Warsaw issue in September. I wrote the one about where to get your groceries.

Warsaw Insider (September 2011)

Hala Mirowska is Warsaw’s answer to London’s Borough Market. It hasn’t the glam factor of the famed English food hall. In fact, the property can use a facelift, or at least a good scrub. The original complex was constructed in 1899 and served as the largest market in Warsaw, selling mainly fish and veggies. During World War II, it suffered fire damage. After the war, the buildings were reconstructed and they functioned as a bus depot for a bit before returning to trading duties. The distinctly commie-style extension to the façade was grafted on in the 1970’s. Beyond the walls are chockfull of fresh ingredients (veggies, fruits, eggs); ham, sausages and pickles like granny used to make; bread and cakes; brands not found in hypermarkets; lots of pork; and a handful of fishmongers with twice-a-week deliveries from the Baltic Coast. The stalls are distributed behind the main building and along a new corridor on the side. At the far end, there is a Vietnamese store for Asian groceries. The best time to shop is on Fridays and Saturdays when majority of the vendors are in business. Some of the shoppers show no respect for personal space by tailgating you in the queue; it’s part of the experience.

Hala Mirowska: Pl. Mirowski 1


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