Back to School

It’s back to school for school kids together. After every holiday, be that summer or winter break, there’s an increased presence of City Guards (Straż Miejska) at pedestrian crossings. I guess it’s to remind drivers that kids are on the loose again.

Like elsewhere, day one is an assembly in the school’s hall. The national anthem is sung.

If you’re puzzled by the words in the national anthem about “foreign violence has taken from us”, that refers to the Partition Years when Poland’s macho neighbours chopped up the country and divided it among them. Further along the song, “March, march, Dąbrowski, from the land of Italy” refers to the man who rallied forces to fight against the baddies.

School starts for real tomorrow.

The way time slips by, very soon, I’ll be a frequent visitor at the student and career advice Study Hack blog.


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