Summer Sale (2)

I was so confident that there would be plenty of inexpensive summer fruits and greens that I assumed the Summer Sale post would be a series. The cherry season was over before I knew it. Bób (broad beans) has shot from 6 zł. per kg at the time of writing Summer Sale (1) to 13 zł. This year’s weather has been quite cold and rainy. Produce are not only more expensive (a local paper reported a 30% hike in prices compared with last year) but the taste is also less intense.

There’s still some value deals. Plums and tomatoes are at last year prices. Today, I picked up a head …do you call it a head or a disc?… of sunflower seeds. Back home, we only get the processed and dried ones. Here, in summer, you can buy the whole fresh disc. You pluck the seeds right off the flower, shell the seed and chew. It’s much softer and more moist than the packaged ones. Folks here treat it as “fast food” for picnics, and pregnant women use it as a source of Calcium.

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