Mad Dogs and Tourists

@Retire: why haven't they sizzled and popped already?

Perhaps my melting point hasn’t dropped as a result of a decade-long residency in PL. Back home in Malaysia, no one, except mad dogs and tourists, would go gallivanting or toasting under the mid-day fireball. It’s only natural I’m sapped of energy from my street crawls at the siesta hours.

Today, I took shelter in a taberna. The heat has made a beer drinker of me. I’ve read that folks here add coke/other soft drinks into their wines. At this joint, the bartender-cum-waiter poured water in to a beer for a local client. Right in front of her, so the waiter wasn’t pulling a fast one. Why should I be surprised? Back home, we added ice to beer.

I can’t quite figure out the freebies at bars. Looks like it’s at the waiters’ discretion or they simply unload on you the not-selling-so-well stock from the day before. Everyone at this bar was given a small serving of paella. I thought everyone ordered it as it was the house specialty. But when the bill came for my two beers (they were small ones) and one chopito (small deep fried squid), the rice dish wasn’t on the bill. In other places, we were given small platters of sausage slices or empanada for our second order of beer.

The Cat Woman’s site (see Sleepless at Siesta) led me to another blog called Europe on Five Bad Ideas A Day. The title is a play on Arthur Frommer’s Europe on Five Dollars A Day. The Bad Ideas blog is fun distraction should you need sheltering from the sun or other climatic situations.


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