Going Potty (2)

For two years in a row, I’ve been making strawberry jam by using żelfix and I am quite contented to go on like this ad infinitum. However, upon seeing David Lebovitz’s sans pectin Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam (a hilarious post, read it even if you’re not the jamming type), I gave it a try since both main ingredients are in season. I used only strawberries as the “more assertive berries, like raspberries” (as Lebovitz described it) are not in abundance yet. BTW, isn’t “assertive” a funny adjective for a fruit? It must be the type of fruit that can say “No” decisively or demand for exactly what they want.
The jam is supposed to jell at 104C. I boiled and boiled but the mercury could not muster enough oomph to hike up above 100C. I applied the “wrinkle test” as per Lebovitz’s recipe – and flunked it. Well, I didn’t follow the measurements precisely. Mostly likely a bit heavy handed on the berries. I gave up, scooped the “scum” for yoghurt as tipped by DL. And it’s yummy tip. My final product is bit liquidy, but taste wise – awesome.

About kitfchung

Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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