Going Potty

Early this month with May being lethargic at warming up, thenews.pl reported that strawberries are going to be pricey this year. Something like 20 zł. (5 euros) per kilo compared with 3 to 10 zł last year. And on May 12, I saw some going for 25 zł at Hala Banacha (a farmers’ market of sorts in my neighbourhood). And I thought sadly that I won’t be potting jam this year. But all out of a sudden, the market is flooded with strawberries. And at very reasonable prices of 6 zł to 8 zł. It’s probably going to be a short season this year, so I won’t wait till the digits dip to 3 zł. like last year before I started mass jamming. Better get on with it just in case they disappear as suddenly as they have shown up.

Keep the jars upside down after potting. If there's leakage, it means the jar isn't sealed properly. You have to pour it out, re-boil and re-pot.

I did say that instead of “as easy as pie”, it should be as easy as ciasto drożdżowe. Actually, it’s as easy as potting strawberry jam. But only if you have żelfix (it doesn’t have to be Dr. Oetker’s). Wash the 2 kg of fruits, half or quarter the berries (depending on their size), cook them in a pot till they are soft, add in sugar to taste, stir in the żelfix, and you’re done – ready for potting into jars. Cleaning and cutting the fruits take more time than the actual cooking which is like 10 mins. You can also do it the hard way. Either way, the smell is heavenly. Worth the trouble and you won’t eat the commercial stuffs once you’ve had homemade ones.

Click here for more jamming tips from an expert.


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