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As my Polish got better, I started spying Polish blogs. You might say this is a chicken-and-egg situation: nosing around blogs by the natives, my Polish got better. Whatever. While doodling on the potato story, I stumbled upon the Fast Food Eaters. Hang on! Don’t “tsk, tsk”. This guy is not pulling off a Fast Food Nation experiment à la Eric Schlosser. He’s not documenting what a burger & fries diet can do to Slavic genes. His def. of fast food covers stuffs we normally don’t make at home, e.g. beer, crisps, yoghurt, candy bars, cheese, ham. Granted, he reviews frozen pizzas which you’re welcome to “tsk, tsk”.

Fast Food Eater has a funny mission statement (in Polish only). A key operational aspect of the fastfoodeater is he sources from the “economy” class: Lidl, Biedronka, Tesco, Lidl, Lidl. I guess he lives/works near a Lidl. Now, before you “tsk-tsk” this lower end of the food chain, please note that Dan Lepard gets his flour from…Lidl (detailed confession here: I used a generic brand from Lidl.) If it’s good enough for Lepard, it’s good enough for me. Who’s Dan Lepard? He is a bread guru. The Handmade Loaf coached me into being pretty deft at baking breads and handling yeast.

But there’s no Lidl in my stomping ground. On my weekday route is Biedronka, the Polish rival. Their mangoes (from Peru, going at about 2 zł a piece) are much better quality than the pricey ones from upscale supermarkets. I also like the chirpy cashiers on the morning shift.


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Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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