Would you eat Superman or Clark Kent?

If you think I am fixated on ciasto drożdżowe, you’re right but check out this baker (in Polish only). She’s like giving a blow-by-blow account of each ingredient, the before and after steps.

In my previous post, I wrote that babka drożdżowa is essentially a ciasto drożdżowe. The babka is baked in a fluted bundt mould and the ciasto, in a loaf tin. They are the cake equivalents of Superman and Clark Kent – look different but the same stuffing under the getup. I would say Clark Kent is the product of the loaf tin – looks square. But if you know Polish, you might designate the babka is Clark Kent; babka means an “old lady”.

So, would you rather devour Superman or Clark Kent? From the operational perspective, the loaf tin is easy to grease and the final product slips out with no glitches. But baking time is longer, like 30-40mins compared to 20+minutes for the bundt tin. However, the green way isn’t a breeze. Greasing the mould is tedious. And when it’s done, it’s keep-your-fingers-crossed that it gets freed from the tin in one piece.  I’m not the only one finding the bundt fiddly, you can get detailed user instructions here for the bundt tin.


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