Degrees of Separation

The "during" look.

I stumbled upon David Lebovitz when I was hunting for a homemade Nutella spread. DL writes mostly about Paris. I love his lighthearted and info-generous scribbles. And his photos got me to look at ordinary things (such as crumpled packaging or a half-eaten dish) with fresh eyes.

The "the end is near" look.

Paris isn’t a priority when you live in Europe. But DL’s blog has changed that for me. That got me to contact Desiree, a school friend from the Netherlands, who is living in the capital of France. And what do you know? Desiree has met DL. And DL has a favourable mention of Desiree’s Mexican restaurant Casa Palenque in his blog. I am blown away by Desiree’s success. I am also chuffed that I’m connected to DL by 2 degrees of separation. There are gazillion bloggers, it’s kinda unreal to find a two-degree-of-separation to a blogger located by Google.

Digging around DL’s site led me to kugelhof. That turned out to be an alternative spelling for gugelhupf, a yeast-risen cake with German roots. And it is remarkably similar to the Polish babka drożdżowa, which is another format of ciasto drożdżowa. There are no degrees of separation between gugelhupf and babka drożdżowa; it’s just a case of a rose going by a different name. And this is proof that a rose by another name smells just as nice.

I modified my usual recipe for ciasto drożdżowe – replacing 4 egg yolks with two whole eggs. I never knew what to do with the egg whites if I just use only the yellow. Both sugar and butter were scaled down to 60g each. Added in some chopped roasted almonds. And after proofing, I used two bundt moulds. It turned out beautifully. This will be my default ciasto drożdżowe recipe from now on.


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