Potato Issues

The usual suspects...

Hubby missed Polish potatoes when we were living in Singapore. When we relocated to Warsaw, he wasn’t too impressed with the tubers I hauled home from the local markets. Here’s the reason why: State of the Potatoes (Warsaw Insider, May 2011).

If you read Polish, here’s the Polish blogger mentioned in the above article.

In Polish, potatoes are called ziemniaki and kartofle. Over in the west (Poznań area), they are also called pyry.

Some varieties (aside from Irga and Amerykany) I’ve found in Warsaw:
  • Orlik Złoty – yellowish, good as fries, the vendor said.
  • Lord.

Fun Trivial: In 2010, the potato harvest in Poland totted up to slightly under 10 million tonnes. The figure has dipped significantly but Poland still ranks 4th in Europe after Russia, Ukraine and Germany.

Get your baked potato fix at Groole (a baked potato bistro in Warsaw), ul. Nowy Świat 52 lok. 2a.


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