Printed Matters

“But you have forgotten all about it,” I said to the shopkeeper of an antykwariat (second hand bookshop) in Gliwice, trying to convince her to give up a linen tablecloth I had unearthed from under a stack of platters in the back room.

“Where did you find that?” she said when I asked for the price. And then she decided it wasn’t for sale. No way was I going to let it slip without a fight. Such distinct Silesian prints are, well, out-of-print. A bit of charm offensive later, the item was mine for 20 zł/5 euros. Like most antykwariat, the store also has a stash of ceramics. I secured a soup tureen for another 15 zł/4 euros.

Gliwice is said to be one of the fairest spots in the vicinity of industrial Katowice (Southern Poland). Folks here are warm, easy with smiles and do not get panicky at the sight of lenses. I nosed around several stalls for street info on the whereabouts of other stashes of PRL goodies. Everyone pointed to the town’s flea market, held monthly on the 2nd and 4th Sunday, on Lipowa Street opposite the stadium.

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Experienced food and travel journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
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